I have made a purchase through Cashback Candy. In how many days do I expect to see my cashback information?

For most of the sale transaction, cashback information is available within 24 hrs. However, for some stores it can take up to 5 working days.


Even after waiting for 5 days, my cashback information is not available 

Tracking of cashback is done by third party software tools. These tools work best when following precaution is taken while shopping through Cashback Candy

  1. Use mobile browser to place your order. Except Flipkart, Cashback is not applicable on App orders.
  2. Add products to cart only after visiting retailer from Cashback Candy App. Shop your order in the same session.
  3. Cashback might not be paid on orders placed using Gift Vouchers/Loyalty Points/Wallets.
  4. Cashback/Reward will only be paid if your order is tracked and validated by the retailer.
  5. Do not use ad blockers/malicious browser extensions that blocks and/or manipulate tracking.
  6. Cashback will be canceled if purchase is returned, canceled or exchanged.
  7. After clicking the store button, do not open any other price comparison site or any other cashback site. Do not open store site directly.
  8. To maximize chances of receiving cashback, clear your browser's cookies/cache before entering through cashback candy site. Cookies should be enabled.
  9. Do not use Private/Incognito mode of browser.

In case, your cashback information is not visible after 5 days of making online purchase, please use "Report missing cashback" section in the app and provide information to us. We will try our best to track with the online stores

Sometimes, in spite of taking all the precautions, sale information is not provided by online store. Such cases, however, are rare.

Why my cashback amount is showing as Pending, when will this get approved?

It takes some time from online store to get final validation of sale. This is to ensure that any return of product or sale cancellation is confirmed. Typically it takes 60-90 days.


I can't understand how cashback candy can give me extra cashback

Please refer to "How it Works" section in the App. Your doubts will be clear.


I have referred my friends to install cashback candy. Will I get some cashback on each shopping done by my friends? Is this only for some duration?

You will get cashback on all the approved shopping of your referral.  You will receive lifetime of cashback.


How can I redeem my cashback?

You can redeem your money through mobile wallets like Paytm/Mobikwik or through UPI transfer to your bank account.


Is there any hidden charge applied by Cashback Candy?

No, absolutely nothing. All the cashback earned by you is shown to you and same is transferred to you after final approval and after crossing threshold limit.


Why cashback amount is mentioned as "Upto" for most of the stores.

Cashback amount is based on certain factors, e.g. the item purchased; User is new or existing for a site; Availability of special offers, etc. In case you wish to know exact amount of cashback before making a purchase, you can contact us with details and we will try to compute applicable cashback for you.


I need to return product which I purchase at an online store, do I need to go through Cashback Candy?

NO, you need to directly go to Retail Site/App and do this kind of transaction. We will know about this and same will be reflected in your cashback account


Will my cashback expire if I don't redeem?

Never, keep them as long as you want. It’s your money


I still have question which are not covered here, how to get help?

Please send us message at info@cashbackcandy.in and we will get back to you within 5 working days.